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An annual range service is required by most insurance companies to comply with their policy and it is essential for maintaining safe and reliable equipment. Here at Hopkins we complete a full service after which you will receive a service certificate. Our range engineers are COMCAT 4 and 5 qualified with years of experience in the industry.


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If you have a Hopkins frying range and you are in need of a service don’t delay and call us today!

Our traditional range service guidelines include the following:

  • Perform a gas tightness test on fish range internal pipe work.
  • Strip down equipment, remove stainless steel top work(if possible) to the base frame.
  • Remove pans.
  • Visually check welds.
  • Re-seat pans on new fire cement.
  • Remove down ducts to gain access to stream duct.
  • Clean out and empty sump box.
  • Clean extractor fan and impeller blade.
  • Cut in inspection doors where possible and clean ducting via these points (up to the extractor).
  • Check flue using a Smoke pull test on completion.
  • Check thermostats and high limit stats are working.
  • Check out electrical wiring and replace any faulty component.
  • Re-assemble range, fill with oil/fat and test up to temp on all pans.
  • On open flue appliances a spillage test must be performed on completion of service.

Our high efficiency range service guidelines include the following:

  • Ensure that the Gas and Electric are switched off and the pans are empty.
  • Remove front panels if a counter or island range.
  • Remove fish rack cover.
  • Disconnect and remove the lighting gantry, check wiring and fittings.
  • Remove sliding glass doors, remove fish racks.
  • Disconnect and check wires and fittings of the chip box heaters.
  • Remove apron.
  • Remove the capillary guard, high limit thermostat probes and filters from each pan.
  • Disconnect the temperature probes from the computers.
  • Disconnect the burner plaque.
  • Remove the extraction outlets from the back of each pan.
  • Check the burner gasket and replace where necessary (replace every 12 months).
  • Check and clean steam and gas condensers.
  • Check all wiring and controls on the range frame.
  • Dismantle and clean the extractor.
  • Dismantle, check and clean the sump box and all other ducting.
  • Rebuild extraction system.
  • Replace ignition leads, probes and gaskets where applicable.
  • Refit the pan and blower system, replace burner gaskets.
  • Replace the air filter on each burner system.
  • Pressure test the gas system.
  • Rebuild the whole range, reconnecting all thermostats, lights and heaters.
  • Test gas settings on each pan with an appropriate flue gas analyser.
  • Finally test all controls systems, thermostat and high-limit circuits.
  • Test the high-limit thermostat by setting the display off-set to -40 (see control adjustments) and the set temperature to 190 allow the frying media to an actual temperature of 225’c (+/- 10’c) and ensure that the high-limit thermostat trips. When completed REMEMBER to adjust the off-set back to its original setting. Extreme caution is required during this operation. 

For current rates call the service department on 0113 257 7934

Gas Safe

Make sure your engineer is Gas Safe Registered. Follow the link under Gas Safe Register or click the logo for more information.


A large range of spare parts are held in our online spares shop for all your catering equipment needs. We also have a specific chip shop spares section including frying range, chipper and peeler spare parts. If you cant find what you are looking for call us on the number above and we will find them for you. All our genuine spare parts are held in stock in our warehouse ready for dispatch.


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