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ignition transformer
TSC1 IGN Transformer 240V GAS0070



TSC1 IGN Transformer 240V GAS0070


TSC1 IGN Transformer 240V
– Hopkins traditional and mobile range


Ignition transformer.

TSC1 IGN Transformer 240V
Hopkins traditional and mobile range.
This part is very reliable and hardly ever goes into fault.
This is not a part used on the Hopkins Hi Efficiency ranges. It only suits the older ranges like the CAF 301.
The devices of this series are capacitive-discharge ignitors for continuous operation, suitable for gas combustion in atmospheric burners. The available types essentially differ for their spark frequency and its energy; remember that the ignition power of a capacitive-discharge ignitor is directly proportional to its discharge energy.
Thanks to its high discharge energy the TSC1 is suitable even for the applications in which normal capacitive discharge ignitors are not effective. The plastic case and an internal epoxy resin casting grant an adequate insulation.
Remember that an excessively long ignition cable connected to the ignitor can lead to a discharge energy reduction, because of the production of a parasitic capacity between the cable and the nearby ground planes.
Avoid laying the ignition cable next to other conductors: energy transfer between close conductors due to parasitic capacity phenomena could damage connected devices, especially the electronic ones.

This is one item of many that we still stock and supply for the older Hopkins ranges.
Here are a couple of other items for the older style Hopkins ranges
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Is the ignition transformer an easy part to fit?
The transformer is quite easy to fit if you are reasonably competent at electrical work. It would just need to be released from the range and swap each wire one at a time. It may be worth taking a picture first just to double check you have replaced the wires correctly.

Do I need to buy anything else along side this?
No, you shouldn’t need to buy anything else at the same time.


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