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Suregrip Vinegar Bottle Spare Caps



Suregrip Vinegar Bottle Spare Caps


Pack of 12 spare vinegar bottle caps


Vinegar bottle caps. Part code is SG-VBT
These are for Drywite suregrip vinegar bottles and fit both their flexible and rigid range.
They are supplied in packs of twelve.
No need to throw the old bottles away just because the top has broken or gone missing making it better for the environment.

Drywite are the leading supplier of utensils and condiment products for fish and chip shop and takeaways in the country. Here at Hopkins we stock a large range of their products.
Besides the vinegar bottles, which come in rigid and flexible Drywite also offer the following similar items. Salt pots with the choice of five hole or seventeen hole lids. Sauce bottles with the choices of red, brown and yellow. A 22 litre mixing barrel for concentrated malt flaven vinegar.

If you require a new  suregrip salt pot you can get one here
ou can purchase extra suregrip vinegar bottles here This is the Drywite flexible one. There is a rigid alternative if need be.

Can I buy these in ones?
No, we only supply these in packs of twelve

Should I buy anything else at the same time as the spare caps?
No there isn’t any need to buy anything else if you already have the Drywite vinegar bottles.

I see these spare caps are for vinegar bottles, can you get the same for for my salt pots?
Yes, we stock both five hole and seventeen hole caps for the Drywite salt cellars

Will these fit any vinegar bottles?
No these are made for the Drywite flexible and rigid vinegar bottles.

I use concentrated vinegar, do you sell the Drywite vinegar mixing barrels?
Yes we do supply the Drywite MMB mixing barrel. It holds up to twenty two litres or five gallons of vinegar.


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