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Hopkins Stainless Chip Scoop



Hopkins Stainless Chip Scoop


6oz Robust Stainless Steel Chip Scoop.

Round handle

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6oz Robust Stainless Steel Chip Scoop
Another new quality product to join the ever growing number of quality items from the Hopkins range of products
Serve chips efficiently and safely with this chip scoop from Hopkins. Featuring a tubular handle, the scoop remains cool to the touch when in use – ensuring the safety and comfort of you and your staff. If you are looking at a chance to upgrade from your current scoop this is far more durable than most on the market. The Chip Scoop is great for scooping up chips with minimal spillage.

Wide opening
Round handle
Perforated stainless steel that allows any excess fat or oil to drain away from the chips while using to ensure you do not get oily and greasy chips.

Dimensions  115mm wide at the front, tapers to 86mm at the back.  Depth at back 52mm. Scoop length 135mm . Handle 100mm. Overall length 245mm
Weighs 260 grams or 10 oz

Also available are our very popular portion control scoops.
We supply 6oz, 10oz, 14oz  here is our best selling 10oz


Can this be washed in a dishwasher?
Yes, with it being stainless steel it can go through your dishwasher.

Do I need to buy anything else at the same time?
No, the scoop is a stand alone item. However we have a wide range of similar products that may be of use to you including portion control scoops. Have a look at on online store to see what we have to offer.

Do you supply portion control scoops?
Yes, if you prefer a portion control scoop we offer our own manufactured ones.  A small at 6 oz, a medium at 10 oz and a large at 14 oz.

What is the best way to clean the scoop?
Just warm soapy water is about the best way to clean the scoop.

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