Potato Chipper Stand


Bespoke stand for Chippers


Chipper stand for several different models of machines.  Manufactured in our factory with high grade stainless steel square tubing. With four adjustable feet.

Available for
Hopkins King Chipper, HC1, HC2
Bold R1
Crypto F2F

Rather than use your chipper from a worktop, upturned potato tub, plastic boxes, why not use a purpose built stainless steel stand?
It is far safer and more hygienic. Easy to clean underneath and the stand itself.

Perfect accessory for the RGM Hopkins King Chipper https://hopkins.biz/product/rgm-hopkins-potato-chipper/
Take a look at the new stainless steel Hopkins chip bucket. https://hopkins.biz/product/hopkins-round-chip-basket/

Can you put castors on the stand?
While it is possible to put castors on a stand, it isn’t something we would recommend due to the movement of the machine. It would make it unstable and could lead to damage or injury.

Do I need to buy anything else with the chipper stand?
No, you wouldn’t need to buy anything else with the stand. However  you may want to look at chip tubs and chip baskets to collect your chips.

Do I need to fix the machine to the stand?
No, the stands are made in such a way that the machine sits down behind the stainless steel frame work therefore the chipper holds itself in position.

My floor is uneven, will a stand fit?
Yes, the stands come with adjustable feet and will help level the machine should need require.

I have a Crypto F2F chipper, can I get a stand that would take a 25 gallon tub underneath it?
Unfortunately we would not recommend a stand for the F2F  that would suit a larger tub. It would have to be made so big and there is a chance that because of its size the stand would be unstable. The motion of the chipper would cause the stand to rock.

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Potato Chipper Stand