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The PC2 Chipper is one of the fastest Potato Chippers available, producing 25kg of chips per minute, with minimum waste. Interchangeable knife blocks offer a choice of four chip sizes.
The large hopper makes loading easy, yet the PC2 Chipper is compact enough for drainer, worktop or stand-mounting in any size kitchen.
Key features
•Compact design with large 12 kg hopper load.
•Fast chipping at 25kg per minute.
•Choice of chip sizes with wide range of knife blocks.
•Simple plug and go, safe operation.
•Flexible use with drainer, worktop or stand mounting.

Stand Available



PC2 Potato Chipper. Despite its compact dimensions, IMC’s PC2 Chipper has a market leading capacity and is able to process up to 25kg of potatoes in just one minute. It can be mounted on a drainer, worktop or stand and is manufactured from heavy gauge stainless steel to provide years of reliable service and superior performance whilst being simple to wipe down and clean.
The patented screw-down, quick-release knife block assembly ensuring blades remain rigidly in place to provide perfect chips with minimal wastage. Available in widths of 12mm, 14mm and 17mm, it can be removed quickly and easily for cleaning or replacement.

Capable of cutting 25kg of chips per minute with minimal waste
Easy to use, clean and maintain
Interchangeable knife blocks for choice of chip size
Interlocks for operator safety
Belt driven
Compact design for worktop mounting
Output 250kg per hour
Maximum capacity 25kg

This item comes complete with one knife block assembly. Size required will be confirmed at point of order.

Sizes available:  12mm x 12mm; 14mm x 14mm; 14mm x 17mm; 21mm x 17mm

Stands Available.

Dimensions W 370 mm x D 603 mm x H550mm

Additional knife blocks can be ordered separately

Compliments our Rocket Peeler, Eyeing Tank and Interceptor tank

RGM Hopkins Rocket Peeler

RGM Hopkins Eyeing Tank

Using your own IMC potato chipper ensures you have the freshest product when making in house balanced against using frozen or pre-prepared chips

Is the machine easy to install?
Yes, all you need is a standard 13amp three pin socket.

Can I cut French Fries?
No, the smallest chip size available is 12mm x 12mm

If the belt breaks can I replace it myself?
Yes, the belt can be changed quite easily. Unplug the chipper then remove the hopper, block and rotor. Then turn upside down and remove base. Loosen motor fixings to allow movement in. Replace with new belt and adjust tension then tighten motor back up and rebuild.

Are the blades easy to change on the PC2 Potato Chipper?
Yes, firstly remove block from machine. Then undo the two screws on the block. This will then release the blades. Replace blades and rebuild. However always use caution when handling the sharp blades.

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