C56 AND IMC Motor


Crypto C56  and IMC  S25/56 full bag peeler motor 1HP

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Crypto C56 and IMC S25\56 full bag peeler motor 1HP. Will also fit a Bold peeler.

Suitable for later model Crypto Peerless C56 that already carries a Brook Crompton style motor.
Also fits the earlier version of the IMC S25/56 peeler that is using the 750kw motor with a 5/8 shaft.

Please double check before ordering. The Crypto C56 as earlier versions that this motor will not suit. IMC S25/56 changed the size of the motor during production of the machine. You will need to check the horse power on your existing motor. This is 1 horse power or 750w, 0.75kw. If you have one that is 1.5 hp or 1.1 kw this is not the correct motor. The motor pinion is a different size.

These motors fit very old and obsolete machines and maybe time to consider replacing the machine with a new Hopkins Rocket peeler https://hopkins.biz/product/hp25-56-hopkins-potato-peeler/

Do I need to buy anything else with the motor?
Depending on the condition of the machine there may be other items you need to buy. Unfortunately one of the items you may need, the motor gasket is no longer available. Alternatively you can seal the motor with something like hylomar or hermatite.
The motor does not come with a mains lead. Check the condition of yours.  Also check if the motor pinion is in good condition.

Is the motor easy to fit?
It is not the easiest item to fit and you may need specialist help. If you have the IMC or Bold it is easier to fit than the Crypto C56 peeler motor. With them it a lot easier to access the motor. By removing the stainless pedestal you can gain access to motor. If you turn the machine upside down the pedestal can be released. The motor is held on by 4 nuts. Please be aware the gear box is full of oil and should be drained to stop oil escaping onto the floor.

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C56 AND IMC Motor