Crypto RC14 Main Blade CHIP0283


RC14 main chipping blade


Main blade Crypto RC14 chipping knife
This blade will also fit The Crypto RC11 and RC12 chippers
Using a knife that is sharp and undamaged will lead to a better quality of chip.
Make sure when handling the blade extreme caution is taken due to the sharpness of it.

This is the only replaceable blade on the RC14 block. The small blades are cast into the block itself and cannot be replaced. If one of those breaks you will need to buy a complete block.

Can I change the blade myself?
Yes, it is very easy to change. It just needs the two fixing screws undoing, then fit the new knife and refit. Always proceed with caution as the blades are sharp and will cut if care isnt taken.

Do I need to purchase anything else when buying the blade?
No, the knife is a stand alone part. Please be aware it is not supplied with the fixing screws.

Is it possible to sharpen the blades?
Yes, it is possible to sharpen the knife if you have the correct equipment. If you have a sharpening stone or maybe a file. Always proceed with extreme caution and wear protective equipment if you are going to attempt this. You could cause extreme harm to yourself with the knife being sharp.

Will this fit my IMC PC1 chipper?
No, unfortunately it wont fit that machine.

Will it fit my Bold R1 chipper?
No, unfortunately it wont fit that machine.

Is it possible to put the blade on incorrectly?
Yes, make sure you have the sharpened end pointing towards the small blades. It has been known in the past that people have had the blunt side forward. Also the block has a shaped bevel to it, therefore make sure the shape of the blade matches the shape of the chipping block.

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Crypto RC14 Main Blade CHIP0283