Hopkins Large Portion Control Scoop – 14oz


Large 14oz portion scoop Manufactured by Hopkins in stainless steel.

Also available in 6oz and 10oz


Portion Control Scoop

Large 14oz portion scoop Manufactured by Hopkins in stainless steel.  The design is strong and robust to ensure longevity, staying in excellent working condition for longer. Strong enough to withstand the rigours of busy fish and chips shops.

Also available in 6oz and 10oz

Gives a consistent portion to your customer. Reduces the risk of giving too large a serving, helping profits.
The scoops design allows residue to easily drain away to ensure the chips are not soggy and oily. These scoops are one of our most popular lines.
Ideal for the large portions you offer.

Also available in 6 oz and 10 oz

Here is our popular 10 oz scoop https://hopkins.biz/product/hopkins-medium-fish-and-chip-shop-chip-scoop/

Can I clean this in a dishwasher?
Yes, it is safe to put this in your dishwasher

Do I need to buy anything else at the same time as the portion control scoop?
No, it is a stand alone item and does not require any thing else. You can always consider the different sizes we have on offer if you serve different size portions.

What is the best way to clean the scoop?
We would recommend just warm soapy water to wash the scoop.

What are the advantages of using a portion scoop?
The main advantage of a portion scoop is giving a consistent serving every time. It also means whichever staff member serves, they provide your customer with the correct amount. It helps profits by not accidently giving larger portions than intended.  I also enables to to provide small. medium and large servings offering greater variety to your menu and customers.

Are they easy to use?
Yes, very simple to use. They have a sturdy handle and wide opening to allow the chips to easily be scooped up. The scoop is enclosed, so not allowing more chips than required to be picked up.

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Hopkins Large Portion Control Scoop – 14oz