HOPK0135 Cake Press


Hopkins round fish cake / burger press
Made from stainless steel with plastic insert

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Fish cake press.
Hopkins round fish cake / burger press
Another quality product from the Hopkins in house manufacturing collection.
Make your own fresh fish round cakes and burgers with this easy to use cake mould.No matter how hard you try to make uniform fish cake with your hands, you cannot achieve the perfect uniformity a cake or burger press brings to the table. Each fish cake will be the same size and diameter, which is especially helpful if you’re making more than one cake.
Easy to use
Gives you consistent shape and size every time.
75mm diameter by 20mm deep
Overall length 165mm
Made from stainless steel with plastic insert

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Is the cake press easy to clean?
Yes, it is very easy to clean. It comprises of three parts. Just remove the hand tight nut at the end of the pusher. Then this allows the nylon insert to drop out. You can either put the the insert and the outer stainless case through the dishwasher or wash in warm soapy water.

Do I need to buy anything else at the same time?
No, the cake press is a stand alone item and you won’t need to but anything else with it.

Can anything go wrong with the cake press?
No, it is a simple piece of equipment with just one moving part. This just simply slides up and down a tube. Other than losing the locking nut on the end there is very little that can go wrong.

What is the advantage of using a cake press?
By using a cake press all your moulds will be a uniform size.

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HOPK0135 Cake Press