HBM Hopkins Batter Mixer


•Complete with 12 litre bucket
•Easy to use
•Stainless steel construction
•Industrial 1/3 HP motor
•Neon indicator – on/off switch
•Carrying handle
•Meets British Safety Standard
•Quiet Operation
•Dimensions (mm): H 450 x W 400 x D 190


Batter Mixer designed for easy and simple use.  Far easier than mixing by hand. Easier to teach staff.  Just press the toggle switch, add the ingredients and the mixer does the rest. Built in our UK factory from stainless steel making it easy to clean and rust free. Compact design so easy to store. Comes with 12 litre stainless steel bucket. Belt driven at a ratio to give the perfect speed for batter.
Minimal servicing required.

Complete with 12 litre stainless steel bucket
Easy to use
Stainless steel construction
Industrial 1/3 HP motor
Neon indicator – on/off switch
Carrying handle
Meets British Safety Standard
Quiet Operation
Standard 3 pin plug fitted
Dimensions (mm): H 450 x W 400 x D 190

Mobile storage bins ideal for your dry batter mix https://hopkins.biz/product/65-ltr-ingredient-bin/


Would I be able to replace the belt on the Batter Mixer?
Yes, make sure the mixer is unplugged. Remove the outer cover and this exposes the pulleys. Replace the belt and refit the cover.

Is it easy to replace the switch?
Yes, unplug the machine from the electric supply, then remove the outer cover. Make a note where the four wires are placed, then remove them, squeeze the plastic grips on the switch and push out from the body. Replace with new switch, reconnect the wire then rebuild the mixer.

My original Hopkins mixer had a lift up cover at the front, is this missing?
No, after lifting to customer feed back we decided the guard on the older machines was no longer needed.

I currently mix by hand, why should I change to an electric mixer?
By using the Hopkins batter mixer you will get a consistent mix as the power from the machine is constant. Mixing by hand can lead to more variables and creating a slight different batter every time. Also allows you to show staff to mix batter as they will all mix at the same speed.



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HBM Hopkins Batter Mixer