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Fat Filter Superpads (75’s)



Fat Filter Superpads (75’s)


Aries, Merit, Merlin filter papers, sold in pack of 75. Super pads are used for the second filtration of oil.


Superpads 34cm diameter

Aries, Merit, Merlin filter pad sold in pack of 75.
These superpads are also used on the Hopkins ranges with built in filtration
Superpads are used for the second filtration of oil.

For businesses wanting to go the extra mile in oil filtration, a filter machine used with the super pad depth filter will provide an extra dimension in appearance and quality of the food produced. A Super pad will also prepare discarded oil for use by the bio-fuel aftermarket. This market is becoming increasingly lucrative to owners of businesses that use cooking oils.

Filtration should be completed as often as possible but no less than twice a day with one always at the end of the day so that particles are not left in the pan overnight. Pans should always be switched off prior to filtering and left for about 10-15 mins to allow the heat from the burner to disperse from the bottom of the pan, otherwise the heat may affect the durability of the metal used for pans. Built-in filtration is obviously safer than external because the hot oil is confined within the pipework of the frying range.

The minimum temperature of the oil/fat should be about 120ºC. The maximum temperature is relevant to type of filtration fitted. As an example, the lifespan of a miroil filter bag will be reduced by high temperatures. It is very important that the pan is switched off for a period to allow the heat in the metal to cool.

Always wear long sleeves and heat resistant gloves and only use the filtration system when trained to do so.”

Paper filters also available

Are these pads washable?
No, they are one use only.

How often should I change the pads?
This will depend on how busy your shop is, but we would recommend every one to two days.

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