Dimmer Switch QVRS C/W Knob GAS0163


Dimmer Switch QVRS C/W Knob
– Hopkins traditional, mobile and hi-efficiency range


Dimmer Switch to control the infra red lamps in your Hopkins range chip box and halogen lamps in your fish rack displays.
Suits Hopkins traditional, mobile and hi-efficiency range
Comes complete with the knob.

If you require a chip box lamp, they can be found here https://hopkins.biz/product/500-watt-double-skinned-halogen-lamps-elem0034-2/ Please note this lamp comes with the connection wires attached and need wiring to a block. There are a few older Hopkins ranges that have a R7 connection. Please call the office if you have that style.

Are the dimmer switches easy to fit?
While it is an electrical part, it is quite possible to fit these dimmers by yourself. Before starting any electrical work, please make sure the range is isolated from the electric supply.
If you remove the cover from the range control box this exposes the wiring for the dimmer. It is just a case of swapping wire for wire. It may be worth taking a picture of the existing switch so you have a record of where each wire came from.

If my light isn’t coming on does it mean the switch is faulty?
No, it could be just that your chip box lamp as gone. It might be the circuit breaker as tripped, just check if it is in the up position. Also the lamp fittings can fail from time to time. You may need specialist help to identify the fault

My chip box lamp won’t dim, is it faulty?
This would suggest that the dimmer switch is at fault as the lamp is still functioning.

Do I need to buy anything else at the same time as the dimmer?
No, if the dimmer is faulty that is all you will need. It is possible that the lamp or lamp fitting as failed. Please make sure it is the dimmer that is the only faulty part.



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Dimmer Switch QVRS C/W Knob GAS0163