Crypto RC11/12/14 Rotor CHIP0289


Rotor suitable for RC14, RC12 and RC11 Crypto machines

Available on back-order


Chipper Rotor.

Suitable for RC14, RC12 and RC11 Crypto machines.
This is a fundamental part for the Crypto Electrolux chipper range and affects the quality of your chip and performance of the chipper.
Old rotors eventually wear and do not run true. They can break the blades in your block if not running true. This can result in having to replace the entire knife block.

If you are at the stage where you need to replace the rotor, due to the expense of doing this it may be worth considering a new chipper. Take a look here at our popular Hopkins King Chipper that is available in several chip sizes : 9mm, 12mm, 14mm, 17mm and 21mm x 17mm

Do I need to buy anything else with the rotor?
No, it is a stand alone part and shouldn’t need to buy anything else with it.  I would recommend you check the drive pin in case that has bent and could have caused the wear in your drum.

Is it easy to fit?
Yes, its as simple as taking the old one out and putting the new one in.

What is the best way to clean the rotor?
The best way to clean the rotor is too just wash in warm soapy water or rinse with an hose pipe when it is away from the machine. While it is tempting to wash the machine with a hose pipe, we do not recommend it. This can lead to water ingress causing problems elsewhere in the machine.

Does it definitley fit the RC11, RC12 and RC14?
Yes, the rotor will fit all three of the models. It was one part that is made as universal part.

Will the rotor fit my IMC or Bold Chipper?
No this will not fit any machine other than the RC11, RC12 and RC14

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Crypto RC11/12/14 Rotor CHIP0289



Available on back-order