Stainless Chip Draining Basket


Stainless steel chip draining basket
305mm d x 305mm h


Chip draining basket by Drywite.

Stainless steel to prevent corrosion. Far better than the plastic coated.
Mesh basket to allow fast drainage.
For use with cut chips
Holds approximately 11kg of chips
Supplied by Drywite

305mm d x 305mm h

The ideal item to help you with your production of fresh cut chips. You can scoop the peeled potatoes straight from your tank or barrel into the chipper. Catch the fresh cut chips from your chipper in the basket. Transport the drained chips to the frying range and pour into the pan.

This is one of many Drywite products we supply. Here are other items that we stock

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Can this be cleaned in a dishwasher?
Yes, it is dishwasher safe

What is the advantage of using a stainless basket over the cheaper plastic coated one?
The main advantage is that over a period of time the plastic may unfortunately start to break away from the metal, leading to the possibility that it may contaminate your product. If this happens the metal under the coating can start to rust and look unsightly.

Is the basket only for chips?
No there is no reason why you can’t use it for uncut potatoes

How do I carry the basket?
The basket comes with a sturdy stainless steel handle for ease of carrying.

Are there any other items similar available to help with my production of fresh cut chips?
Yes, there are several items like this that will help with your chip production. e.g there are 25 gallon tubs that can be used with your peeler to catch the peeled potatoes. These can hold 55kg of chips. Drywite also supply larger square tank for the busier shop. these can hold up to 132 kg of chips. There also is a stainless steel version of the chip basket should that be your preference.

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Stainless Chip Draining Basket