Batter Mixer Switch RSCO0019


Hopkins Batter Mixer Switch.
Please check this is the style you require. This is the current switch and will not fit the older machines.


Hopkins Batter Mixer Switch.

Splash proof style rocker switch for the Hopkins Batter Mixer.
Please check this is the correct style you require. This is the current switch and will not fit the older machines. The older ones were a silver version with a red neon indicator at the top.

Another popular spare to carry for the batter mixer is a belt. It can be found here

Are the switches easy to fit?
Yes, they are quite easy to fit. Unplug the mixer from the electric. Remove the outer stainless steel cover of the machine. Make a note of where the four wires go that are connected to the switch. Maybe take a picture in case you need to refer back. The switch is held in position by squeezable clips. These need forcing together after that push the switch out. Connect the wires to the new switch then push back through the whole till secure. This may need a reasonable bit of force. It may be worth just testing at his point before reassembly. Proceed with caution as there will be wires exposed. If it works rebuild.

Do I need to buy anything else at the same time as purchasing the switch?
No, the switch is a stand alone item and shouldn’t need to buy any other parts at the time.

What are the signs my switch is faulty?
It can show in a few ways if the switch is faulty. It may have shorted out and gone with a bang. Sometimes the mechanics of the switch fail and just stops moving into the on or off position.

Can you use the mixer without a switch?
We would not recommend by passing the switch. It is a point of safety should you need to turn the machine off quickly.


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batter mixer switch
Batter Mixer Switch RSCO0019