Batter Mixer Motor MOTR0010


Motor for Hopkins batter mixer


This is the motor for Hopkins batter mixer.

1/3 Horse power. 250 watt  or .25kw
Easy to fit. Foot mounted, held on by four nuts.

To access the motor you need to remove the stainless steel outer casing. There are four screws on the front and then one at the front top section. Once all five screws have been removed, the casing need sliding forward to the two slots in the frame. once in line with the slots the case will slide up.

Maybe its time to treat yourself to a new Hopkins batter mixer


Is this easy to fit?
Yes, quite easy. Remove the outer cover to access the motor. Remove the belt and pulley. Undo the four motor fixing screws. You will need to connect the mains lead. Just refit the new motor. Put the pulley and belt back. Make sure the motor pulley is in line with the main pulley so the belt runs true. Replace the main cover.

Does the motor come with a mains lead?
No, it is just supplied as a motor

Does the pulley come with the motor?
No, the pulley isn’t supplied with the batter mixer motor.

My batter mixer isn’t working, will it be the motor that is faulty?
While it is possible the motor is faulty it is probably not the most likely fault. The motor on the batter mixer has proved to be very reliable over the years. The mixer is quite a simple machine. After checking the fuse. See if there is any problem with the lead. Then check the main switch for either its function or a any lose connections. If these parts all seem okay, it may be the motor that its at fault. Sometimes it is obvious that the motor is faulty, if it is smoking for example.

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batter mixer motor
Batter Mixer Motor MOTR0010