6204 2RS Bearing BEAR0003


Product Details
RC11 Bearing

Machine requires two bearings


Chipper Bearing

Product Details
These bearings are suitable for  the IMC PC1, PC2 and CS-C1 chippers.  They also fit the Bold R1 and  Crypto RC11, RC12 and RC14 chipper.

Each machine requires two rubber shielded bearings.
The bearings have a 20mm centre bore.
Comes with two rubber shields to give extra protection against water ingress.

Are these bearings easy to change?
No, they are not the easiest parts to swap and you may need specialist help and tools to do these repairs.

Would I need to buy anything else at the time?
It may be wise to buy the suitable oil seal at the same time as it will no doubt be already worn and is invariably damaged when removing it to release the chipper bearing. The 20mm circlips may be broken or missing. You will need these to lock the new bearings in position.

Is there any signs that my bearings are starting to wear?
If you are getting a droning sound from the machine it is a sign they might be starting to wear. If the belt keeps dropping off or machine is jamming that can be a sign there is movement in the bearings that shouldn’t be there.

Can you buy a complete centre bearing assembly similar to the one for the PC2?
Unfortunately not. The centre bearing assembly for the PC1 is no longer available and the PC2 will not fit. Other brands did not offer a complete bearing assembly.

Do the bearings need any maintenance?
No, there is very little you can do to service the bearings. With them being sealed and out of the way, you can not get to them to add any form of lubrication. The best way to look after them is to keep your machine clean to reduce any chance of water ingress into the bearings.

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6204 2RS Bearing BEAR0003