319-SS 80 Mesh Drywite Skimmer


Drywite 8″ square 80 wire mesh ss skimmer with 18″ handle.


Drywite 8″ square 80 wire mesh s\s skimmer with 18″ handle.

This is a 80 mesh skimmer and should be used for sifting the finer particles out of your pan. Use a lesser mesh, for example a 30 mesh one to remove the larger particles so not clogging this finer meshed one you use. Selecting the correct gauge of gauze lifter helps it to last longer.
Tinned versus Stainless steel. Tinned mesh reacts better in the hot temperatures of fat. It is not affected due to the molecular make up remaining constant and takes a lot longer to wear out. Stainless steel one can become brittle far easier.

If you use the wrong size mesh, the skimmer becomes clogged with a build-up of particles which can reduce efficiency and cause premature wear.

A large grade 30 mesh for larger particles.
A medium grade 50 mesh should be used for small particles.
A fine grade 80 mesh should be used for fine particles

One of the many Drywite items we stock. Drywite are the leading name in fish and chip shop utensils.

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My skimmer is broken, can it be repaired?
No, it is highly unlikely it can be repaired. Therefore relatively low cost would make more sense to replace if the skimmer has got to that stage.

My 80 mesh skimmer is getting clogged up with larger particles out of the pan. Is there anything else on the market?
Yes, Drywite supply both a 30 mesh and 50 mesh skimmer that will handle  the larger particles better and not clogging up your skimmer.

I have a few Drywite items, do they supply any sort of tidy rack to keep them all together?
Yes, Drywite do have a stainless steel utensil rack that fits on your wall to help keep all your skimmers and shovels together.

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319-SS 80 Mesh Drywite Skimmer