3″ Wika\Stork Combistat GAS0155


3 Inch (80mm) Wika\Stork Combistat


Wika Combistat 3 Inch (80mm)  Stork Combistat

Suitable for the older Hopkins ranges.

This is a Wika analogue combistat allowing you to read and adjust the temperature.  You may also know this as a Stork clock. The best quality combistat for frying ranges.
The Combistat is Mechanical Temperature Measuring instrument do two jobs… control and indicate. Its a temperature switch that combines a thermostat and thermometer in one compact, attractive unit which is equipped with a small sensing element and an optional fail safe thermal system.

Is this something I can fit by myself?
No, this part can be only fitted to your range by a certified Gas Safe ComCat 4 engineer.

The glass is broken can I just replace that?
Unfortunately, we cannot get the replacement glasses, so you will need to replace the full clock.

The knob has fallen off, can this be replaced?
No, Unfortunately not. We can no longer source and supply replacement knobs.

The temperature of my pan is quite erratic, does this mean my clock is faulty?
No, not necessarily. It may just be a build of waste product behind the capillary guard. When the oil or fat is cool, remove the guard and carefully clean behind there. If the probe is covered in carbon deposits gently clean. This may then allow the clock to work correctly.

My range has a Jumo clock as a control stat, can I use this Wika clock?
Yes, you can use the Wika clock instead of the Jumo. The Wika clock is a better quality compared to the Jumo.

I have an electric range, will this be suitable?
Yes, you can use this  Wika combistat on a Hopkins electric range.

I have a Hopkins high efficiency range, is this used on that?
No, this clock thermostat is for the old style ranges and is not suitable for the high efficiency range.


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3″ Wika\Stork Combistat GAS0155