IMC 17mm Knife Pack S61/128


IMC PC2 17mm knife pack with 4 blades
Also fits IMC CS-C1 chipper


IMC PC2 or CS-C1 replacement 17mm x 14mm blade knife pack chipping blade.

Easy to replace. Just needs to remove two fixing screws and swap with the new one.

IMC 17mm blade knife pack with 4 blades
This will have the part number S61/128 imprinted on the current blade

Also fits IMC CS-C1 chipper
Made from high quality stainless steel

If you would a larger chip size IMC provide a 21mm x 17mm
Alternatively if you want to reduce to 14mm x 14mm you can buy this blade pack

This pack is to suit the PC2 chipper the Cs-C1

Does this blade pack fit all chippers?
No, it is only suitable for the IMC models PC2 and CS-C1

If one blade drops out can I just replace that? 
No, you will need to replace the whole blade knife pack.

I have currently got a 12mm blade, can I fit the 17mm to my block?
Ideally not. This would give you a chip that would measure 17mm x 12mm

Are the screw fixings that hold the knife pack included?
No, this is the knife pack only

How do I know the chip size I have?
All the blade packs for PC2 and Cs-C1 have the size imprinted on the knife itself

Do I need to buy anything else at the same time as purchasing the blade pack?
No, the pack is a stand alone item and you do not need to buy anything along with it. You can always consider buying a spare pack to have on stand by just in case a blade breaks on a busy opening or weekend.

Is the blade easy to fit?
Yes, it is very easy to fit. It just needs the two screws holding it in place taking out, after that just screw the replacement blade in.

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IMC 17mm Knife Pack S61/128