RC10 14mm Knife Block CHIP0165


Crypto RC10 14mm (5/8″) knife block
Changeable Blades


RC10 14mm Knife Block. This is a replacement block for the Crypto RC10 Chipper.

Manufactured now so individual blades are replaceable.
If you already have the Hopkins style block with replaceable blades, you can find spare blades here https://hopkins.biz/product/small-blade-chip0226/

While many parts are now obsolete for this chipper we still stock the replacement RC10 knife block.

Please be aware this is a very old machine whereby most parts are unavailable.  You could buy this item only for another part to need replacing in the near future that won’t be available. Maybe now is the time to consider a new machine. Take a look at our popular Hopkins King Chipper https://hopkins.biz/product/rgm-hopkins-potato-chipper/


Can this block be used with any chipper?
No, this can only be used with the RC10 or the even older KNC2

Can I change the small blades individually on this machine?
It will depend on the age of your current block. If you have the original Crypto block, the small blades will be moulded into the block and not able to change them. If you have the later version of the block that has two pins through, you will be able to change blades individually.

My machine has a red block is this okay?
Yes, some of the blocks that have the individual blades were made out of a red nylon and fine. This block would fit perfectly.

Are there any other sizes available?
Yes, there is another size with the 12.5mm or 1/2″ block. Please be aware that the rotor will have grooves in it that set the width of the chip.

Do you stock other spares for this machine?
While we have a number of spares for the RC10, many are now unobtainable. Maybe now is the time to consider replacing your machine.
Have a look at our all new Hopkins King chipper https://hopkins.biz/product/rgm-hopkins-potato-chipper/

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crypto rc10 block
RC10 14mm Knife Block CHIP0165