IMC 12mm Knife Pack S61/134


IMC PC2 12mm knife pack with 7 blades
Fits IMC CS-C1


Replacement knife pack.

12mm knife pack with 7 blades

IMC PC2 or CS-C1 replacement 12mm x 12mm blade pack chipping blade.

Easy to replace. Just needs to remove two fixing screws and swap with the new one.

If you would like a larger chip size IMC provide a 14 mm x 14 mm block

Does this blade pack fit all chippers?
No, it is only suitable for the IMC models PC2 and CS-C1

If one blade drops out can I just replace that?
No, you will need to replace the whole IMC blade pack.

I have currently got a 12mm blade, can I fit the 14mm to my block?
Ideally not. It would give you a 12mm x 14mm chip cut.


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IMC 12mm Knife Pack S61/134