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Intelligent Efficient • Reliable

We are proud of what we can do and continually strive to exceed the desires and expectations of our customers.


We are proud of what we can do and continually strive to exceed the desires and expectations of our customers.

You receive the total package, with expertise in design, build and fabrication, backed by our in-house service and repair teams

Our equipment is recognised as some of the most efficient, reliable and well-built in the industry. Our bespoke service allows us to tailor our machines to meet the individual needs of customers and we are extremely proud to supply a large number of award winning fish & chip shops and household names

We pride ourself on manufacturing every kind of Frying Range available. From traditional counter style to under canopy, we even make a mobile range (using a converted Horse Box).

All our ranges are available in Electric, Natural Gas or LPG.

Counter Type

Probably the most popular type in the trade. It includes a serving area which can either be in the middle of the frying range or at the end. The main benefit of this range is it allows the fryer to have face-to-face contact with the customer meaning a personal service is provided. It also allows for the frier to fry and serve alone during quieter periods whilst providing enough space for more workers during busier periods.

These features can be built into our frying ranges:

  • Lava/Chargrills Grills
  • Bains Marie
  • Plain or Ribbed Griddles

Available with different numbers of pans and chip boxes. The counters are fully customised to show your fish and chip shops corporate identity with options such as laser cut illuminated light boxes, led down lights and curved embossed panels.

Island Type

The Island Frying Range is becoming increasingly popular and is ideal in busy shops. The frier stands behind the frying range whilst the server stands in front taking care of the customers. The range has pass-through compartments so the frier can put the product in and the server can take the product out.

This type of fish and chip frying range allows both the frier and server to have maximum space meaning fast production during busy periods.

A counter is not provided with this type of counter unless requested. There are various options available including built-in bain marie.

For more examples of Island Ranges or perhaps a little inspiration, why not visit our case studies page for more information.

Wall Type

Our least requested of the three and is fitted against the wall as the name suggests.

This fish and chip frying range is generally used in shops that have limited space available but can be seen as impersonal as the fryer has to keep their back to the customer. Many fish and chip shops throughout the country are successfully operating with this frying range however and our experienced designers can provide you with all the advice needed to ensure this range will work for you.

Hopkins bespoke wall fish and chip frying ranges are available with different numbers of pans and chip boxes.

We also supply our own British made potato chipper and peeler to compliment your new range. Find out more about these and other chip shop equipment below

Benefits Of Filtration

We have been combining the best modern technology with traditional craftsmanship for over 60 years.

Used by fish and chip shops across the UK, our fryers are recognised for delivering consistent, high-quality frying results. Our strive for continuous improvement has led to the development of fryers with built-in triple filtration systems.

Our four-stage filtration system is designed to filter the smallest of impurities, keeping the oil fresher for longer. Including:

  • The particle filters in place obtain all of the coarse and loose crumbs.
  • The capture of finer particles and crumbs
  • Removal of finer particles of carbon a residue which is much more difficult to remove
  • The final process providing extra purity, truly prolonging the life of the oil.

The system continuously draws the oil and fat through an interchangeable filter, saving the customer time and ultimately improving the finished product.

*all equipment can be gas or electric

Under Canopy Type

Our Under Canopy Ranges (UCR) have been designed to offer authentic fish and chips to restaurants, pubs and takeaways. Equally ideal for the existing fish and chip shops that require additional frying capacity.

Products are available in one, two and three pan models complete with chip box and the option of heated glass fish displays which are thermostatically controlled. The system can also differentiate between different amounts of fish and chips being added to the pan and compensate heat input to suit.

This appliance can be dismantled to go through an 800mm door for easy access. However, it does not have an integrated extraction system so a suitably sized overhead extraction canopy must be used in conjunction with this equipment that complies with current gas safe regulations.

The range benefits from a 5 year pan warranty and a 12 months parts and labour warranty.




For more information and examples of every model/configuration available please download our brochure


Our under canopy ranges manufactured to operate using Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) are perfectly matched to meet the needs of all mobile catering and fish and chips vans.

Ideal for either roadside or on-the-move units, we can assist with the bespoke design of your trailer both inside and out.

Our mobile fryers feature outstanding temperature control capabilities, making them ideal for consistent use.

Mobile operations can count on us for deep, robust and reliable, gas or electric fryers, that can be installed by our expert team of engineers. You don’t need to worry about the compact space, our engineers and fabricators are fully trained and have years of experience in carrying out installations in even the most challenging of spaces.

*all equipment can be gas or electric

Bespoke Design Service

Our extensive experience, is available to you in our bespoke design service, allowing you to benefit from over 60 years of knowledge and create that perfect range you desire.

In most cases, our service is free and will include our dedicated team visiting you at your site location to discuss the best way forward

Our design team will work with you to develop a solution that satisfies all your needs and meet the high standards you expect from us.

We also offer support for ventilation planning applications* and fish and chip shop equipment specification

For more information on ventilation visit our dedicated page which includes Odour & Grease Management, Sound & Planning Guidance

*Some services may be subject to a fee

Benefits Of Computer Control

Made in Britain and specially designed for Hopkins, the GEN 4 Intelligent Controller is transforming the operation of frying ranges.

Bursting with exciting new innovations, the Generation 4 High Efficiency Frying Range has been developed to increase efficiency and generate savings. Here’s how it performs:

The burner utilises the latest technology to maximise burning efficiency, resulting in 30% gas reduction in comparison to traditional systems and providing customers with great savings on their energy bills

A unique heat exchanger holds onto gasses that would normally be lost and puts them into the pan, giving modern efficiencies with traditional easy-to-clean flat bottoms.

The computer controlled thermostat intelligently controls the burner output, reducing it from 100% to 28%, prolonging the life of the equipment whilst also giving the ability for full power.

Fire Suppression Systems

Chip shop fires typically take up to 45 minutes to extinguish using conventional methods. Often this causes significant damage to the range, building and the business. Closing for several months is the most common outcome

Hopkins offers an alternative manual/automatic fire suppression systems from Ansul

When a fire occurs in the pan or pan extract ductwork area it can be quickly extinguished by activating the fire suppression system

There are several benefits to having this system installed.

Safety – Once manually activated the system operates automatically to extinguish the fire protecting your business, your staff, customers and potentially loved ones 24hrs a day

Money – By installing a fire suppression system, you might reduce your insurance premiums as some companies offer incentives for installing

If the system activates, there is also less time for the fire to create damage which allows the businesses to quickly resume, in some cases the very same day

Has your business been affected by fire? Perhaps we can help


We realise that paying for new equipment for your business can be a costly exercise, draining precious cash when you need it most. With this in mind we offer a range of finance solutions including services provided by our finance partners.

Whether you are looking to buy a peeler for your existing shop or a whole frying range with ancillary equipment our finance partners can help, offering lease purchasing which means the equipment is yours at the end of the term.

  • Available on equipment from £1000 +vat
  • Fixed monthly payments
  • Get the equipment you need now
  • Decisions made in hours
  • 100% tax relief throughout the term
  • Help your cash flow

“Allowing you do to more with your business”
A great alternative to traditional banks