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Hi Efficiency Frying Ranges

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Crammed with new innovations and technology the Generation 4 High Efficiency Frying Range makes its savings in three key ways: 

  • The burner utilises the latest in metal mesh forced draught technology maximising burning efficiency and using 30% less gas than traditional systems. 

  • The unique heat exchanger pulls heat out from the burnt gasses that would normally be lost down the extraction system and puts it into the pan giving modern efficiencies with traditional easy clean flat bottoms. 

  • However the clever and additional savings come from the computer controlled thermostat which intelligently controls the burner output from 100% down to 28%. Prolonging the life of your frying media, yet giving you the ability for full power when it is needed most.

 Save Money

 Save Energy

 Make More Profit


The brains of the fish and chip range, the GEN 4 intelligent controller, has been specifically designed and manufactured in Great Britain for Hopkins Catering Equipment. There have also been some elegant style changes to enhance the look and use of our frying ranges, curved glass displays, rounded edges to the working surfaces, sliding fat drawers with a secondary drawer so that the first can be emptied whilst the range is working.

We have customers who are currently saving 60% on their previous gas bills whilst increasing their turnover. When you buy one of our fish and chip ranges, you’ll make thousands of £’s more profit…! FACT 

*Now available with either hinged lid, or open top for basket frying* 

Innovative technology is now saving our customers THOUSANDS of £££££’s

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Take a look at the Hopkins High Efficiency frying ranges at work around the UK and beyond on our case studies page. 

Add your postcode into the search and it will show you shops near to you that have a Hopkins frying range. Alternatively click on the navigation bar to see Island frying ranges, Wall frying ranges, Counter frying ranges, Classic frying ranges and more. 

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Features and Benefits of a Hopkins Hi Efficiency Frying Range


Innovative High Efficiency System for Fish and Chip Ranges

  1. Stainless steel infra red forced draught burner system with air input fan and air filter
  2. Burners sealed to a self contained combustion chamber fixed to the underside of the pan to contain all the heat produced
  3. Heat exchanger in the combustion chamber to ensure the maximum amount of heat is transferred to the frying media
  4. Gas and air mixture computer controlled to the optimum ensuring the maximum possible amount of gas is burnt and isn’t vented via the flue as occurs in older systems
  5. Intelligent digital thermostat which constantly adjusts the burners to use the minimum amount of gas and lower temperature overrun by backing off when the frying media is approaching the required temperature. The system can even differentiate between different amounts of fish and chips being added to the pan and compensate heat input to suit.
  6. Multiple timer facility can help achieve a more consistent product
  7. Low level oil indicator
  8. Stand by facility, uses very little gas when a pan is not in use but keeps it at the programmed temperature ready for use. 


Cost Savings

  1. Our customer’s are benefiting from savings to their gas bills of between 40 and 60%
  2. Slow warm up facility on our pans reduce frying media degradation and therefore costs
  3. Our pans are all removable for easy and reasonably priced replacement, even with the flat top style of frying range. They are also constructed from heavy duty mild steel which conducts heat far better than stainless steel
  4. Our policy is to price spare parts at a reasonable amount which means that future maintenance is relatively inexpensive compared to some other manufacturers
  5. We install baffle filters to the rear of all our frying range pans and provide a sump box as standard which minimises the amount of oil that is drawn into the ducting and therefore reduces future cleaning costs



  1. All our ranges are manufactured entirely from top quality, food grade stainless steel including the frame
  2. Our frying ranges are designed to be dismantled into constituent parts that will pass through a standard door and allow for thorough future servicing and easy maintenance
  3. Our High Efficiency fish and chip ranges are fitted as standard with rollout drawers under the chip and scrap boxes to allow for clean and easy return of frying media to the pans
  4. We provide as standard a drainage pipe to each pan to allow easy removal of frying media
  5. We bespoke manufacture every frying range to suit the customer’s particular needs and can even include items such as griddles and char grills etc
  6. Quality manufacturing using laser cutting of component parts and to ISO9001 standards
  7. All British built in our factory in Leeds since 1957
  8. Assembled by our team of highly skilled sheet metal fabricators to the highest quality standards
  9. Some of our frying ranges are still in service at over 35 years old!


Added Value

  1. We can provide assistance and give advice with planning approval for new premises
  2. Specialist equipment is available from us to deal with odour and noise control issues
  3. We supply all kinds of catering equipment not just frying ranges
  4. We manufacture our own potato peeling and chipping equipment
  5. Design and planning using AutoCAD available
  6. Second to none service back up with probably the biggest in house team in the country and national coverage
  7. Easily available chip shop spares
  8. After over 50 years still a family company with 60 employees
  9. Specialist made to measure fabrication
  10. Engineering innovations division producing such diverse items as forecourt petrol recovery systems, film and tv props, tripe preparation machines and road pothole repairing equipment.


CE Approved

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