Fire Suppression System

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Ansul Fire Supression

Hopkins offer fire supression systems from two companies; Ansul and Amerex. Our range sales team can advise you on which system is better for your shop.

Fire Supression

1. When a fire occurs in the pan or pan extract ductwork area it is quickly sensed by the detectors which are located in these compartments.

2. The detectors then trigger the Ansul or Amerex releasing mechanism which actuates the system...pressuring the agent storage tanks located in the control panel and automatically shutting off the appliance energy sources.

3. Low pH liquid fire suppressant flows through the piping and is discharged into the pans, pan extract ductwork and sump box.

4. The Ansul or Amerex agent is applied directly onto the fire in specific spray patterns, suppressing the fire in seconds. As it smothers the hot cooking greases a foam blanket is formed, temporarily sealing off combustible vapours to help prevent fire rehash.


The Hopkins fish and chip frying ranges are all designed to incorporate the Fire Suppression Systems.

The major risk of fire in commercial kitchens is hot fat used in the frying range. It is responsible for more fish and chip shop fires than any other cooking appliance. 

A fire needs three things to exist.

1)        Fuel source

2)        Heat

3)        Oxygen

Once overheating of cooking oil occurs a flash fire starts. The fire is quickly drawn into the associated ductwork by the extraction system which even with the best house keeping is lined with fatty deposits. Once established the fire may cause the loss of the entire building. Conventional fire extinguishers will not be able to reach the quickly spreading fire. A typical fire has a kitchen downtime of approximately 3 months due to smoke and heat damage. 

Amerex Fire SuppressionFire Suppressions system can be installed in two formats:

  • A manually only operated system
  • A fully automatically and manually operated system

Most clients opt for the very cost effective manually operated system as they feel that they never leave the fryer unattended and are always in close proximity to be able to initiate the system via a simple pull station located in the vicinity

The full automatic system gives the peace of mind of knowing that the fryers are receiving 100% monitoring of rising heat as well as having the manual option.



Fire SuppressionUpon activation the Ansul or Amerex system sprays a fine mist of a potassium based liquid into each of the Vats via  nozzles. As well as this, wet chemical is also fired down the extract ducts and along the ductwork by further nozzles.

The wet chemical forms a foamy soap like substance that not only knocks down the flames and suffocates it but also cools the oil to help reduce flashback possibilities.

The system is also connected to the power supply of the fryer terminating it in a fire condition.


Once the fire has been extinguished and the cause of the fire established, the fryer can be simply washed down with detergent ready for refilling of oil. A call to Hopkins service department will result in an engineer visiting your site to replenish the system and reactivate it.


The system requires periodic servicing and this is usually coordinated with the fryers service schedule.


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