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Fish And Chips Frying Ranges

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Hopkins benefit from nearly 60 years of experience and have completed thousands of contracts worldwide in the manufacture and installation of Fish Frying Ranges and Fish and Chip Shop equipment. Here at Hopkins we are always ahead of the competition in meeting your fast food production needs.

Whether you are:

  • A small family shop with local needs
  • A chain of fast food outlets with or without restaurants
  • A mobile shop with special needs
  • Outside of the UK

You can be sure that at Hopkins we have the expertise to meet all your needs and requirements. To see examples of our achievements view our case studies and for examples of our products look at our portfolio below. Hopkins high efficiency frying ranges are saving customers up to 60% on the energy bills and come in a range of styles.

Hopkins Frying Range in action.




frying range

Reconditioned Frying Range

From time to time we get a select number of reconditioned frying ranges. 

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A dedicated professional working with you to ensure the installation completely meets your operational needsUsing Hopkins means you benefit from:
  • A site survey that will take in to account all of the circumstances that will impact on the final installation
  • A Service Infrastructure Plan that will be produced taking into account water, gas, electricity, waste and structural needs
  • Personally manufactured frying ranges to suit your individual needs
  • Compliance with Health, Hygiene and Food Safety Regulations
  • The option of a fire suppression system
  • After service and back up
  • Easily available chip shop spares


At Hopkins we want our commercial kitchens to be complimented by only the best kitchen equipment. For this reason we make and sell only the best British standard quality chippers and peelers available on the market. 

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