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Our chip shop equipment products feature some of the latest advances in catering design technology and are suitable for an array of commercial catering establishments including kitchens, canteens, universities, restaurants and takeaways.

Rocket peeler chip shop catering equipment


Our latest development. Completely designed from the ground up to incorporate feedback from customers and engineers alike. The majority of which are internally developed.

Designed to be reliable, stable, quiet and easy to maintain Features including:

· Completely removable abrasive surfaces including wave table · Brushless motor with internally developed gear drive

· Single piece stand, with open portions to allow cleaning and improve motor cooling for longer life expectancy

King chipper chip shop catering equipment

hopkins king CHIPPER

Capable of cutting 25kg of chips per minute with minimal waste
Interchangeable knife block to vary chip size
Interlocks for operator safety
Large hopper
Compact design for worktop mounting
Output 250kg per hour

Potato eyeing tank


Entirely manufactured in our UK factory

Our potato eyeing tanks are designed to work with our chipper and peelers.

Potatoes come out of the chute of the peeler into the eyeing tank ready for the potatoes to be finished off by hand to make the perfect chip.

Constructed from high quality stainless steel, comes complete with eyeing tray, rounded bottom of tank to allow easy access and designed to fit our peeler.

Ask us about customisation of this unit to suit your existing equipment too.

HBM batter mixer

HBM – Batter Mixer

Complete with 12 litre bucket

Easy to use, quiet operation. Stainless steel construction with heavy duty 1/3 HP motor. Neon indicator with on/off switch. Carrying handle for easy storage.

Fish refrigerators lined in size order.

Fish Refrigeration

Specifically designed and built in the UK by our refrigeration partners XL
These units are available in four sizes, from 10 Stone (63.5kg) to 27.5 Stone (175kg)

Manufactured in 304 stainless steel throughout (inc drawers), they are easy to clean and durable against the challenges of fish storage.

Each drawer has a drain plate which stops the fish standing in its own liquor

Temperature -1C to +2C for normal fresh fish, keeps lower or higher temperature with adjustment of a simple mechanical thermostat.

*Please note these items are made to order

Fish defrost rack.


Specifically designed and built in the UK by Hopkins in our Leeds factory. Our rack is provided with removable trays, drain and collection tray. Fully mobile and manufactured in stainless steel.

Bains marie sauce holders


Do you need to safely hold sauces, soups, gravy and precooked foods for up to two hours at the ideal serving temperature? This Electric Wet Heat Bain Marie does just that. Perfect for takeaways, restaurants and mobile caterers, the unit, which can also be used as a dry bain marie, is designed to plug in and play, so you’ll be serving delicious dishes in no time. Available in three sizes (2/4/6) x 8pt / 4.5Lt round stainless steel pots included, the unit also comes with an adjustable temperature control.

Manufactured in the UK by our partners at Lincat

Stainless steel scoops


Designed and manufactured in our UK workshop near Leeds
Entirely made in stainless steel and developed for the industry

Our chip scoop provides standard portion sizes to customers increasing margins and reducing waste.

There are three sizes available

· Small – 6oz
· Medium – 10oz
· Large – 14oz

A collection of fish and chip catering equipment.


Looking for more equipment? Refrigeration equipment or maybe a new griddle or mobile filter perhaps??

We pride ourselves in providing a single place for everything you need to kit out your fish shop.

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