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Jack the Chipper, Brick Lane

Jack the Chipper are a new fish and chip shop which opened on London’s famous curry mile, Brick Lane serving traditional fish and chips.  A new venture for the owners who has previously specialised in Turkish Restaurants, they looked to Hopkins for their expertise and bespoke design

Owner Ibrahim comments: “We were completely naive about fish and chips and, likewise with ranges. But we brought in people who had experience and understood the requirements. We were really led by Hopkins on the practical side of the range. We wanted something that was built to last, that looked aesthetically pleasing and that would be able to cope with the demand.

The counter range features a mirrored gold stainless frontage to fit with the stylish interior and provide a wow factor to the shop.  Pleased with the spec and the design, Ibrahim comments: “The range is great. The food coming out is of excellent quality and the reviews are all very good.