Brand Values


Trusting– At Hopkins we develop relationships that are built on trust and honesty which means our clients are then given the confidence that we will conduct all our business in a fair and open manner.

Friendly– Our friendly personality is reflected throughout our business whether it be with our internal process or towards clients and suppliers. We maintain our relationships with colleagues and clients through having a positive, welcoming and professional manner delivered with a smile.

Creative– Being so established in such a competitive specialist market is through our commitment to finding new solutions to problems that are imaginative and inspired. This is most evident with our product advances and bespoke fabrications which comprise visionary imagination with experience and knowledge.

Enthusiastic– Throughout our experience in the industry, our interest and passion for creating commercial catering equipment has been a driving force of our company. Our traditional methods are conveyed with a wholehearted enthusiasm that is reflected in the high quality and standard of our products.


ExperiencedHaving been in the industry for over half a century and developing our business from being an electrical goods shop to an internationally recognised exporter of catering equipment we can confidently say we have gained a level of experience that it is unrivalled in the market.

Efficient– The efficiency of our business is shown throughout, from our excellent levels of service to our products performance levels and their impact on the environment. It is important to us at Hopkins that we are adept in being able to deliver products and service that is productive and saves time, money and the environment.

Quality– Using traditional methods and expert crasmanship mean our products are created, installed and maintained to such a high quality that they carry our British made quality stamp of approval.

Eco-friendly– Being an eco-friendly company ensures that within our own business and for our clients we create sustainable solutions that take into consideration the environment. This demonstrates our attitude to being a pro-active company that wants to create systems that help to reduce environmental impact.

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